God-Centered Christian Education

“A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.”

It was and continues to be an iconic slogan for education.  “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.” The slogan was coined by Arthur Fletcher who in his career, worked in the administrations in the education department for four US Presidents. Arthur Fletcher himself, led out in the UNCF scholarship program for underprivileged students, and so many young people benefited from the education grants that were provided.

I remember a fellow classmate that went to the same Christian elementary school that I attended. Oh, how artistic he was! He could draw; he could sing; he played multiple musical instruments. He seemed destined for a gigantic career. Then, he left the Christian school as a 7th grader, and went to public school instead. The environment would be vastly different. My fellow student would begin to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, because of a horrible experience one night with a mixture of LSD and alcohol, he would spend the rest of his life, in a mental hospital, not knowing me as I visited him. Yes, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

This is why I am so thrilled to be involved with the Christ centered education offered by the Silver Creek Adventist School. Students at SCAS are not only offered a fine education in science, math, and literary studies, but above all these, is a desire by our school staff, to guide our students in character development. I believe character building is the single most important work ever entrusted to teachers, never before was its diligent study as important as now.  

Here at SCAS, we are dedicated to guiding our young people to an education that focuses on Christian values. Our characters are not developed in a day, but rather, day by day.  I know that the students at SCAS, find this type of character building in each classroom during their attendance at our school. We uphold biblical principles here at SCAS, and understand that to truly develop mentally, physically, and spiritually, our young people must have a strong foundation in the elementary years of education, that foundation is best built on our Creator God.

As pastor of the Morganton Seventh day Adventist Church and our Silver Creek Adventist School, I am so honored to promote an education that develops the minds of our young people to not only be outstanding citizens of this world, but the future world with Christ in eternity.



Pastor Steve Bietz